gorilla tyres pay monthly offer

We are delighted to be the only Mobile Tyre Fitting company that will offer guaranteed finance when you buy a set of 4 new tyres and let you spread the cost over 4 equal payments, meaning you just pay for 1 tyre a month.

There is never a good time to have to pay for a new set of tyres so this offer is fanatastic at helping you ease the burden, whether its because you have a MOT due and know your car will not pass with the current tyres, or have been putting off changing them dodgy tyres for too long due to the cost there really is no excuse to put it off any longer.

Also whether you have a good credit rating a bad credit rating or a terrible credit rating as long as you have a debit card in your own name registered to your address we will guarantee you will be accepted for our Pay Monthly Tyre deal.

The price you pay is exactly the same as if you paid cash or debit or credit card on the day in full. Absolutely no extra will be added for finance, interest or arrangement fees. Quite simply the price you see is the price you pay!

This service must be booked via phone, not the website.

Not available on budget tyres.

Please contact us today for a quote and let us keep you safe on the road.


Example Quote:

If a tyre costs £100..

  • A set of 4 new tyres would be £400
  • Pay for 1 tyre upfront, so in this case £100
  • 2nd payment due same date next month £100
  • 3rd payment due same date month after £100
  • 4th and final payment due same date the month after £100

Total purchase price = £400

Total Paid = £400

Interest = £0

Fees = £0

Charge for finance =£0

Another reason to choose Gorilla Tyres for your mobile tyres, no one else offers this facility!

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